TMP TOOLING and the TETRAFIX brand are well known for our innovative fixture and gripper technology in carbon fibre.

But our solutions would not be successful without our unique functionality designed to meet your needs. Our innovations are used in both our fixture and gripper solutions to make them easy to work with, increase the productivity and reduce costs. Below are some of our most appreciated functions, complete funtionality is described under each product segment.


All our fixtures are fitted with our shimless calibration units. The design offers shimless calibration in one, two or three guiding directions depending on your specific needs. Calibration in each direction is independent of each other and performed with a single tool. The solution enables the measurement operator to calibrate a reference point to high precision within minutes. After calibration, the box is locked and has the same stability over time as the rest of our constructions.


Our lamella joints have been developed to match the properties of carbon fibre creating a joint with high strength to weight ratio. The joints are extremely strong and keep performance over time with friction levels 9 times higher than an ordinary friction joint. In addition, the lamella joint is extremely flexible and easy to work with and adjustments are made with a single screw. The joint is stable very resistant to vibrations and other external impact creating a joint that is stable over time. The overall result is high performing joint with extreme strength and flexibility that is used both in our robot grippers and flexible fixture solutions.