Anyone that has been playing with Lego is familiar with the endless construction possibilities that open up with a few standard components. TETRAFIX has applied the same idea to our fixture and grippers solutions enabling a wide variety of structures with our standard component library.

TETRAFIX has a large component library with standard components, all with its unique role in the design and construction of our fixtures and grippers. The component library make it possible to build custom made contructions for each client with standard parts. The result is short delivery times and low construction costs. As the majority of components are in stock it is furthermore possible to make changes late in the design and construction processes.

If something is not possible with our standard components our built-in interfaces makes it easy to ad bespoke solutions adapted to your specific demands. Bespoke components are manufactured in-house with very short lead times. The result is an easy and fast to work with system adapted to your needs.