Framed structures are both found naturally in nature and have been used by engineers for a long time when constructing a wide variety of structures from bridges to the Eiffel Tower. The technology has become popular due to its rigidity, low weight and limited use of material.

TETRAFIX has developed a system to build complex fixture systems out of framed structures resulting in extremely strong and stable constructions. With frames built out of carbon fibre and airplane grade aluminium, even our most experienced customers are amazed by the rigid results.

Using framed structures also enables us to optimise material usage. Low material usage is one of the prerequisites when using exotic materials such as carbon fibre in order to keep control of the costs. Our framed structures enable us to use 15 to 20 times less material than our competitors.

Using less and lighter materials also have important impact on the overall weight of our fixtures. Most of our fixtures can be handled by a single person without assistance and our heaviest fixtures for a complete body side only weights around 60 kilograms.