TETRAFIX modular fixtures are 100% versatile to your needs and market leaders when it comes to construction time and accuracy. The fixtures are extremely easy to work with and can be constructed within hours to the highest precision. Rebuild a new fixture the next day or keep the existing for years without losing precision.

TETRAFIX modular fixtures are constructed out of unique tripods, each with 6 degrees of freedom. Each reference point is easily adjustable within a few minutes and fine tuned with the shimless fine adjustment capabilities to the highest precision in all stearing directions. You can now build a reference point from scratch in less than 20 minutes. The versatile tripods also has the same precision and stability over time as our type bound fixture solutions.

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All TETRAFIX fixtures are fitted with our patented shimless calibration features.

The units enable shimless calibration in all guiding direction and calibration in each direction is independent and performed with a single tool enabling the measurement operator to calibrate a reference point to high precision within minutes.There is no longer a need for complicated procedures with shims in different directions.


TETRAFIX flexible support provides you with the same 6-degrees of freedom as our flexible tripods. The support has been developed for short distances and narrow passages where the tripods cannot reach. The flexible support may be equipped with the same end functions as our tripods. When fixed, the support has the same stiffness and strength as solid aluminium. TETRAFIX flexible supports are used by our clients for measurement, assembly and manufacturing processes.


    TETRAFIX flexible tripods give your fixture reference points with six degrees of freedom adjustable within minutes. Each reference may easily be adjusted to high precision and then locked. Rebuild the fixture the next day or keep the same stable fixture for years depending on your needs.

    TETRAFIX flexible tripods can be used in our framed structures, on our plate or with you existing measurement plate.


    • Shorter time to market in development & pilot plant by 100% versatility

    • Results independent of measuring environment

    • Improve reliability by best in class accuracy

    • Reduced cost in a changing environment

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