TETRAFIX new generation of LIGHTGRIP end-of-arm tooling is built out of the same light weight, rigid construction methods as we use for our fixture solutions. The grippers are easy and ergonomic to work with and possible to adapt to your special needs no mather if you work with metal stamping, plastic moulding or other processes in need of gripping technology.

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Our LIGHTGRIP robot grippers are all built on our lamella link technology that have been been developed to match the properties of carbon fibre creating a joint with high strength to weight ratio. The joints make the grippers extremely quick and easy to adjust with a single screw. Once tightened, the joint is extremely strong and keeps performance over time. The overall result is high performing joint with extreme strength and flexibility.


  • Increased quality in the production process

  • Increased productivity in the production process

  • Improved ergonomics for employees

  • Reduced costs in the production process

  • Available with short delivery times

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